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Oil Paintings - Prints - Commission Artist

The way I work with an art commission is to get a distinct understanding of what my client wants. I mostly accept commission work, which is similar to the work you see on my website. In this manner, I have done numerous commission paintings and portrait paintings. Commissioned work usually involves having the piece approved by you, the buyer, during one or more steps of the creation process — for instance: the design/sketch or half-way done painting or at the end. I will send you pictures at every stage. 

In addition to the design or sketch, I allow an inspection of the work in progress, through photos, and at the end when completed. Commissioned art tends to be more collaborative, and I am willing to work with the collector during the process of creation, which may bring up issues of personal confidence and integrity. In all the years I painted commission works, I have never had a dissatisfied customer.  And I often had very happy customers. To learn more, please contact me at

Please give me your name, a specific detailed description of what you wish to be painted. This is where we will start.