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Oil Paintings - Prints - In the Artist’s Studio

The studio of an artist is fascinating for the double insight it provides us: on the one hand, a view of the creative process; on the other, a view of the creative life.

The studio is where strange magic happens, as much for the artist’s imagination as for the public’s. It’s the conjuring place of new concepts, styles, or forms. Sometimes it even comes to be seen as sacred, a place where visitors become pilgrims to the altar of art. On the other hand it is also a place where mundane tasks and very non-glamorous things go on. It sheds light on the real day-to-day process of the artist, the time, hard work, and persistence it takes to succeed.

In my studio I use oil paints. Early morning is my favorite time to start painting. No disturbance at that time.

My painting approach

Sketch Stage:
I usually start with a compositional sketch. Then I will have individual sketches for each figure. Here I started a detail sketch of the background for “The Panihati Festival”. The figures will go in this landscape.

Individual figures will be sketched one by one.

After working the figures individually, I start to add them to the background:

Final sketch

This was an example given for the different sketch stages for a large painting with many figures.

The final painting:

Painting Stage

With a different painting, I will show you the different stages, which go into a landscape painting with no figures. I paint the first coat very fluidly. No details.

More definition appears.

Adding a cat in the courtyard:

The final painting: Climbing Roses In La Treille Courtyard

In The Studio